venerdì 20 gennaio 2012

Eternalkeys - The Travel

Eternalkeys – The Travel (pt. 1)
The Story of Eternalkeys is a Reportage of our lifes Sensations, Mysteries and Fantasy: we Born, live and die. Our Life is like a Book that can be open or Closed too, as our Heart. through this Travel we can feel our hopes, love, fear and everything vanishing, sometimes  some people too and make us feel an emptyness inside, as an "Eternal Rose" they will Remain too this Travel on the street we can be charmed by our fear and listen a "Cryin' Ghost", we will find haunted places, demons, witches, evil of life, madness of people, esotericism, black and dark worlds, cemeteries, occultism, some tales from Tv, Books or true life, most important in this Travel is our Imagination and Fantasy too, but in a cruel and Drama of Real life I don’t have much fear because I have a “Spirit Beside Me” that sometimes is my guide, my sixth sense in this Thriller side made of falsehood, envy, malice….and then we can falling in love: Feeling more Mysterious of this Travel, here in this point of our travel we can lost our Heart, dreams can be Sad as a cold tear in the night and here we can talking about a "Swallove": Love - Swallowed as poison...We Will Continue the Journey through Fantastic Landscapes, between wolfs, shadows, imaginary creatures, fear, pain but suddenly we will feel safe echoes through a "Night Presence",and in this Travel we will Remember that someone have not a great and beautiful childhood or good life too, we will meet our Fears through a magical World of bells that will colour a cold night, and then we will stop to our "Sad Toys Factory" a mysterious and magical factory where everything we will become possible  also with our sadness inside; then in this Travel we will live a Dream when we are sleeping: another world, make of colours, dragons, fairy, waterfalls, castles, acrobatic flights...where we dominate Fantastic kingdom of Eternalkeys: when we wake up from our Dreams in reality too we can talking about "Broken Fable". But in this Travel when we are tired we can stop on the road for a moment and Enjoy the magical suggestive light and atmospheres of a "Moon Reflected" in a cold sea of winter night: it's only here that we will find a meaning of everything and regeneration inside before we run through a "River in the Fog" between ancient places, forests, parks, nature, night scens, cabut now in this side of travel the river is only imagination, is a side of Eternalkeys Kingdom where everything flow with some fog too...
Eternalkeys – The Travel (Pt.2)
no fear! We are now suddenly in  a beautiful garden, we sit down and think to our time that passes inexorably and watch "Thy Last Flower" beautiful as a painting but hiding thorns too, suddenly melancholy surprising: everything can't last forever, but there's always a this travel we find Black and White photos of the past life, past places, hold films, faded pictures, faded painting, bloody struggles between good and evil, a battle between fantasy and reality, between past and future of an "Ancient Doll"...soon we will be catapulted in "Other Galaxy": a strange dimension, make of alien, distant planets, mysteries of cosmos, between science and fantasy,  unbelief, Ufos, Travel through time with special machines, other dimensions...sometimes in this Travel melancholy returns, we pause to reflect about our life wich is very short, for someone in particular that is become an "Angel Soon": dedicated to childhood dreams, childhood missing too… and to the angels fly away from this cruel world too soon, Sky, and Hereafter generally… “Ocean Relic” is an epic – Ethereal goth soundtrack dedicated to the mysteries , legends,  tales of  the ocean, sea , river, lake waters between fantasy ad mysteries, ancient monsters, strange creatures from Abyss, ghost ships, relics, storms, pirates, strange plants and landscapes underwater…everything about waters…”Black Butterfly” talk about crime scenes, police investigations, missing people, pursuits, noir, mysteries of the streets, maniacs, assansins,  crazy stories, and drama moods generally”December Snow” is a Fantasy modern classical soundtrack that describe spirit of winter , Christmas time, snowy landscapes, candles, ancient Christmas tales, fables world, with a happy mood that change to drama minor chords, bells, dedicated to to month I was born!...”Strange Flight” is a D’n’B - electronic Soundtrack with world Music sounds influences (oriental), talk about an imaginary flight all over the world between fantasy and reality, through religions, customs and traditions, ancient tales about Pyramids, Japan, India...Let yourself  be Guided by IMMAGINATION… (Official Eternalkeys FACEBOOK page) (Soundcloud)  (Reverbnation)  (Myspace)  (Last Fm)  (Youtube)  (Vimeo)  (Tumblr)!/eternalkeys   (Twitter)