mercoledì 31 luglio 2013

Interview @ Radia Zioni - Ciccio Riccio FM

Mimmo D’Ippolito Talkabout new album from Eternalkeys "Arcanum Secret" and other questions about music world, marketing... to “Radia zioni” , interview by Camillo Fasulo and radio passage of the following excerpts from the same CD: 
Letters and Pages
Dragon’s Gate
Glacial Wind
Farewell to childhood
Monumental Sign

lunedì 8 luglio 2013

: as Soundtrack of Arne Lauth Shortfilm "Alone in the Dark -..."

a love/drama short about a snail and how the right person can change everything in your life. for the timelaps shots i used LRTimelapse and after effects for 4k rendering (the skyline of frankfurt) and premiere cc for the composing of 4k timelaps, 1080p video, voice over and music.

the shortfilm was shot for the "contrast" contest but i fall in love with LRTimelapse so this is my first, but not the last project with this smart software.

Music by Eternalkeys - a Mimmo D'Ippolito project

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domenica 7 luglio 2013

on RADIO DESPI "La Otra Orilla"

LA OTRA ORILLA (EPISODE #796) – July 01, 2013


10 PM

1)     JUDY KANG – 6. Sleepwalk from JUDY KANG
2)     CRAIG URQUHART – 4. Summer Waltz from FIRST LIGHT
3)     AMBERFERN [Clive Brooks] – 9. Ocean Sunrise from AQUAESSENCE. An Ocean of Calm
4)     THE PURE HEART ENSEMBLE [Richard Shulman, Adriana Contino, Kate Steinbeck, Dielle Ciesco and Bob Hinkle] – 2. Beginning the Journey from BLISS OF BEING
5)     VA: SORRELL – Tranquil Waters from ENCHANTING MOODS 2
6)     DEVA PREMAL & MITEN w/Manose, Maneesh de Moor, Joby Baker and Richard Moody – 4. Guru brahma mantra (devotion) from A DEEPER LIGHT
7)     AL GROMER KAHN – 5. Constantinople (A déjà vu) from FAR GO. Raga and Ambient Studies
8)     MEG BOWLES – 1. Undulant Sea from THE SHIMMERING LAND
9)     ETERNALKEYS [Mimmo d’Ippolito] – 3. Parallelives from ARCANUM SECRET

11 PM



1)     BRUNO SANFILIPPO – Live in London (bis) (The end of the concert held at the Lumen Church · Antara Festival · London · 8 June 2013)