venerdì 18 gennaio 2013

Eternalkeys on RADIO STARGATE Show

Eternalkeys aka Mimmo D'ippolito on Radio Stargate with Luigi Saracino on January 2013 show dedicated to Indipendent Artist about Ambient, Electronic, New Age, style...


Sabato 19 gennaio 2013, alle 20.00 ora italiana, Radio Stargate mandera' in onda "Nuovi Orizzonti Musicali", la prima trasmissione, interamente in lingua italiana, dedicata alla musica vocale e strumentale, acustica ed elettronica, creata ed eseguita da artisti indipendenti di tutto il mondo. 
New Age, Ambient, Atmospheric, Contemporanea Strumentale ed Orchestrale, Pop sono solo alcuni dei generi musicali che che verranno presentati nel corso della suddetta trasmissione. 

Conduttore del programma sara' Luigi Saracino.

Il programma puo' essere ascoltato ad uno dei seguenti link:



Saturday, January 19 at 2 pm New York time, Radio Stargate will broadcast "New Musical Horizons", the first radio show in Italian dedicated to the best vocal and instrumental music, acoustic and electronic, composed and performed by independent artists all over the world.
New Age, Ambient, Atmospheric, Contemporary Instrumental and Orchestral, Pop are only a number of the musical genres you can listen to in this show.

The Host will be Luigi Saracino.

You can listen to the radio show at:

lunedì 14 gennaio 2013

Eternalkeys – “Arcanum Secret” (2013)

10 New Soundtracks of Mistery Composed by Mimmo D’Ippolito

Mimmo D’Ippolito / Eternalkeys is Back with a new album out on this winter 2013 calls “ARCANUM SECRET”. Album is composed by 10 tracks of Instrumental music that ranging between Ambient, Neoclassical, Film Music – Score – Themes, Electronic, melancholic sound of piano, orchestrations, pads…a travel between our cold world, prophecies, natural disasters, solitude and weaknesses of human being, past memories, drama themes, flight into fantasy worlds, Mysteries and unknown with the Classic trademark of the project. Album is produced, Composed and performed by Mimmo D’Ippolito, Artwork Picture by Mimmo D’Ippolito  represents some tops of secular trees symbol of continuity in time, eternity, silences, peace, mistery dominates by green colour that representing hope.

“Arcanum Secret” Tracklist:

-         Letters  and  Pages
-         Second  War
-         Parallelives
-         Memories  Gone
-         Dragon’s  Gate
-         Future  City
-         Farewell  To  Childhood
-         Monumental S ign
-         Glacial  Wind
-         Train  Bridge

All Soundtracks Composed, Performed and Arranged by Mimmo D’Ippolito

Recorded by Marco Lovato and Mimmo D’Ippolito
Mixed by Nicola Farina

Album will come out in all the best Digital Stores around the world (I tunes, Amazon, E Music, Simfy, 7 Digital, Nokia…), Web Radios (Last Fm, Deezer, Rdio, Spotify, Much noise, Radio Indy, Rhapsody, Mog …), Music channels (Myspace, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, MixCloud, Reverbnation, Soundclick, IComposition, Jamendo,…) Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, Google Plus…), Video channels (Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Metacafe…), Labels are Esound Netlabel , Wondermark .