lunedì 28 aprile 2014

on MIDNIGHTRADIO (new podcast - compilation)

Tracklist : 
01. Afterhour by Member 01 
02. Death of Laika by Kosmos Ambient 
03. Low by 44 
04. Vermilion Sky by Ambient Indigo 
05. When Are We by Ancient Lasers 
06. The Day The Tides Stopped by Cousin Silas
07. Other side by Ambient Mann
08. Gravity Gate by Eltronik
09. Mimmo D'ippolito by Eternalkeys
10. Your Sunday by Emmanuele Gattuso
11. Cryo by Eltronik
12. Crystal Rain Fields .2 by 44
13. Prospect Of Light by Experiments in Silence



mercoledì 9 aprile 2014


MIMMO D'IPPOLITO today in rotation with Dimitris Lefkelis on EPIC RADIO Greece radio dedicated to electronic music, with "PARALLELIVES"  and "MOON REFLECTED"