venerdì 25 settembre 2015


Mimmo D'Ippolito - Glacial WInd
(Hortus Conclusus Records 2015)

Out now the 10th release of the Hortus Conclusus Records!!!! Emoticon smile Mimmo D'Ippolito's EP "Glacial Wind" is definitely an excellent album!!!! Perfectly representative of an enchanting and deep/ambient/new-wave sound!!!! The journey in this musical world sounds like walking through the clouds during a thunderstorm. I feel completely safe there, as I'm carrying a massive umbrella that protects me from the lightning as I hop from thunderhead to thunderhead. I'm surrounded by a faint red glow. Electrical rays shoot into the star, nebula, and galaxy-filled night sky above!!!!

Hortus Conclusus Records is an independent netlabel hosted and curated by Emiliano Pietrini, Ángel Sánchez Cervera and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt.

The basic directions are: abstract, avant-garde, manipulation, experimental, ambient, musique concrète, noise, tape music, minimalism, acousmatic music, sound sculpture, sound collage, electroacoustic, rhythmic noise, drone, industrial, field recordings, glitch, microsound, montage, psychedelic, soundscape, sound art, spoken art, and other experimental forms.