martedì 25 giugno 2013

on OTRAS MUSICAS (Radio - podcast)

Programa “Cuando Yo paro el tiempo” Edición día 18-06-2013
Duración :120 minutos( New age-ambient-fusión-nuevas musicas)
Program “Cuando Yo paro el tiempo” Edition day 18-06-2013Time :120 minutos( New age-ambient-fusión-nuevas musicas)
• Anima- United Kingdom 2013- Light of Aluna- — The Creative Service Company
• Joseph Loibant- España 2013- Vectors- At-Mooss Records
• David Arkenstone and Charlee Brooks-USA 2013- Loveren-NAR
• Lia Scallon- USA 2013- The Luminous Pearl- Sirius Record NAR
• Terry Oldfield- England 2013- Journey into Space- NewEarth Record
• Soundician- UK 2013- Insects- Soundcian Record
• Mike Oldfield- England 2013- Tubular Beats- Mike Oldfield and York (Torsten Stenzel) Mike Oldfield
• V.A. – España 2013- The best of Café del Mar- Café del Mar 
• Chris Spheeris & Paul Vouduris- USA/Greece 2013- Respect- 
• Mimmo Dippolito- Italia 2012- Mimmo Dippolito
• Valarien – USA 2010- In paradise- Valarien Music
• Shane Morris & Mstified- USA 2013- Emergence-Spotted Peccary Music
• DeeperNet- USA 2013- One-Spotted Peccary Music
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Article on INNOVATIVE SOUNDS (Webzine - Blog)

Eternalkeys – “Arcanum Secret” 2013 
10 New Soundtracks of Mistery Composed by Mimmo D’Ippolito 
Mimmo D’Ippolito / Eternalkeys is Back with a new album out on this winter 2013 calls “ARCANUM SECRET”. Album is composed by 10 tracks of Instrumental music that ranging between Ambient, Neoclassical, Film Music – Score – Themes, Electronic, melancholic sound of piano, orchestrations, pads…a travel between our cold world, prophecies, natural disasters, solitude and weaknesses of human being, past memories, drama themes, flight into fantasy worlds, Mysteries and unknown with the Classic trademark of the project. Album is produced, Composed and performed by Mimmo D’Ippolito, Artwork Picture by Mimmo D’Ippolito represents some tops of secular trees symbol of continuity in time, eternity, silences, peace, mistery dominates by green colour that representing hope. 
“Arcanum Secret” Tracklist:
Letters and Pages
Second War
Memories Gone
Dragon’s Gate
Future City
Farewell To Childhood
Monumental Sign
Glacial Wind
Train Bridge
All Soundtracks Composed, Performed and Arranged by Mimmo D’Ippolito
Album is coming out in all the best Digital Stores around the world (I tunes, Amazon, E Music, Simfy, 7 Digital, Nokia…), Web Radios (Last Fm, Deezer, Rdio, Spotify, Much noise, Radio Indy, Rhapsody, Mog …), Music channels (Myspace, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, MixCloud, Reverbnation, Soundclick, IComposition, Jamendo,…) Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, Google Plus…), Video channels (Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Metacafe…), currently in rotation in different Web Radios – podcasts as: Musicas Imaginadas, Ultima Fronteria, Iradio Happy, INewage Radio (Reccomended artist), Lost Frontiers, Radia Zioni, Dice Radio, and many others, some singles are featuring in differents independents compilations as “AmbientBook – Vol.1”, “Netware Cope of Heaven” from Electro Arc label, other collaborations will coming soon…
ROBINO FAMILY (Entire Album) Electro Arc * (Future city) single only feat. On a Compilation 2013 Esound Netlabel – promo

on AMBIENTBOOK Compilation Vol. 1 (Dark Edition)


lunedì 24 giugno 2013

"Arcanum Secret" presentation on DICE RADIO

Monday 17/6/2013 the psy acoustics experiments present..
music presentation of Eternalkeys – “Arcanum Secret”
Esound Netlabel
Join us @ 20.00 utc/gmt+3 hours -greece
Δευτερα 17/6/2013 η εκπομπη psy acoustics experiments παρουσιαζει
Eternalkeys – “Arcanum Secret”
Esound Netlabel
20.00 Ωρα ελλαδος

sabato 15 giugno 2013

on ULTIMA FRONTERA radio podcast

Domingo / Sunday: 21/04/2013

· Joseph Sullinger – Drawn By The Wind (2011 – Earth Voyage) Soundship Music Records
· Luna Blanca – Desperado (2012 – El Dorado) Richard Hecks
Seren Ffordd + Oöphoi – The Long Years (2011 – The Martian Chronicles) Hypnos Recordings
· Darshan Ambient – A Letter From Home (2011– Dream In Blue) Lotuspike
· Alio Die – Layers Of Faith (2012 – Deconsecrated And Pure) Projekt
· Mimmo D’Ippolito – Glacial Wind (2013 – Eternalkeys) Mimmo D’Ippolito
· Vangelis – Pulstar (1975 – Albedo 039) RCA Ltd

A Ultima Fronteira


Ya podéis escuchar la emisión del 6 de junio de Músicas Imaginadas, con música de / Now you can listen to the broadcast from Músicas Imaginadas, June 6th, with music by:
Roberto Cacciapaglia,
 Eternalkeys ( Mimmo D'Ippolito ), 
Eduardo Laguillo, Francois Couture, 
Lia Scallon,
 Rodrigo Rodríguez, 
Víctor Reyes, 
Tyler Bates, 
Michele McLaughlin, 
The Piano Guys ( The Piano Guys | St. George, Utah