giovedì 28 agosto 2014

"Arcanum Secret" review by Markus Mala

Arcanum Secret
by Eternalkeys is a ten piece instrumental album, with rather short timing expressions, the pieces are very cinematic that would fit fine to soundtracks. Maybe the movies are still to be created, but in this case the moods can go very easy to various emotional moments. Intro with "letters and pages" very acoustic like a piano prelude, then "Second War" is more dramatic with a tension like in a thriller story. I like "Parallelives" that resonate with me, a chill soft piece with a downtempo feel, with airy synth melody and sweeps, and a multi-rythmical line with various percussions, tuned or not. "Memories gone" is back to unplugged music, an intimate piano song. "Dragon's gate" is another procession for an heroic soundtrack tale, with orchestra effects and choirs. After a slow intro "Future goes" into a dark relentless synthesized motion, like going into happenings you can't avoid. Next piece "farewell to childhood" would fit more into a nice chill out new age decorum, gentle acoustic guitar arpeggios that support a beautiful piano melody, a place were you can feel well. "Monumental Sign" is like the name, a sountrackish movement with gradual orchestral parts and timpani percussions growing to a climax, that suddenly stopped to a more gentle part, it's like a two faces piece. "Glacial winds" brings you into some cold ambiant washes that blows you in some frozen places, it could stop there but a jungle groove comes in and is shaking you into a more speedy rythmics, this wind brings you on this motion, all with great pads. "The train bridge" is a track with a little mystery tension in the beginning, but a beat leads you into another move, with jumping sweeping sounds in a slow tempo. follows then a gentle piano song takes you by the hand to a nostalgic but lightening them for that ending.

finally we get here an very various album, the short tracks don't show you immediately there secrets, and have sometimes many moods inside, it's a lovely album, were you get full of different moods, like in a soundtrack journey, the music tell his own story and makes the sound movie for your mind.

MARKUS MALA - Musician

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