domenica 14 aprile 2013

: KOSDIPP (New Project 2013)

               Electronic Music Project - Vocals Feat.
                      Produced by Mimmo D’Ippolito

KOSDIPP is  a  New Modern electronic project that range from Lounge, Chill Out, Modern dance (Deep – Progressive House – Trance) designed some years ago and  created  on winter 2013 by  Italian independent Musician / Composer / Producer Mimmo D’Ippolito .
Mimmo D’ippolito is currently work to complete arrangements, sound design, words in studio and home.
The first official Ep will be Composed by 5 tracks, 2 tracks will be vocals feat. By female voices. And ranging between Dance music with some lounge atmospheres, Downtempo – chill stuffs most of all.
For any others notice stay tuned…

M. D.

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